Tinylicious Founder & Director of Photography [DP]
Lucia Doynel

Lucia Doynel is the Director of Photography [DP] on all Tinylicious productions. She is a digital, multi-platform storyteller and artist.

She resists society’s desire to aggregate her merely through common keywords. Lucia creates and expresses narratively. She draws upon several fine art mediums, which she curates and manipulates with a personalized punch through digital video and social content. Her curiosity and passion for interconnectivity through the arts inspires her entrepreneurial spirit.

By reframing brands to reveal more meaningful stories, Lucia shifts her traditional application of fine art, to innovative and experimental digitally interfacing videos. Born in Argentina and educated in fashion at the University of Buenos Aires, Lucia moved to Los Angeles in 2010 after wining the Green Card lottery and decided to explore fine arts at Santa Monica College. Recognizing something missing from her creative flow, she then received a degree in Spiritual Psychology from USM.

Today, she operates a video production agency called tinylicious and works to give start-up companies a not so tiny presence through dynamic video. When Lucia isn’t developing a project online, she’s working with her hands IRL. 


Lucia also loves puppies, drinking yerba mate, feather headdresses, road trips up the California coast, and Wednesday hip-hop class at the Sweat Spot. She lives in Highland Park, Los Angeles.

Marketing Consultant
Zoë Lumiere

Works with individuals and small business, taking meaningful purposes to market.


Experienced and enthusiastic wardrobe stylist, with a special emphasis in branded internet content.