1. Your Story

By telling our personal stories of challenges we have faced, choices we have made, and what we learned from the outcomes, we can inspire others and share our own wisdom. Because stories allow us to express our values not as abstract principles, but as lived experience, they have the power to move others.

Why Did You Decide To Do The Work You Do?

You don't need to answer EVERY question. Read them all and write a story that touches most of them. Make it short. You will have space at the end of each section to write your full 2 minutes story.

What is your calling? 
Why did you  choose to pursue that calling? I am sure there were "easier" options out there? 
Was there any pressure to go in another direction or do something else instead?
How did you deal with those competing intentions? 

Having in mind all of the answers that you gave, this space is meant to grab all of those answers and write a solid story where there a challenge/choice/outcome about your calling and why you decided to do the work you. Write The Story About Why You Do The Work You Do Keep it short, 2 minutes reading time and be descriptive. Think of a moment or an instance where all of the elements mentioned before come to life.

2. You, Your Ideal Client and Your Community

Write a Story about you and Your Ideal Clients Was there a challenge you overcame together? What happened? how did that make you feel? what was your choice together? Remember this story has to be max 2 minutes reading time.

This story could be some of your experiences with your ideal clients. Think of the things that you achieved together. Think of experiences where you helped someone else overcome something challenging and evoke a sense of hope that others can also make a difference.
Hearing how we’ve met challenges in the past gives us hope that we can face new challenges together.
*Brainstorm all the stories you know of about your ideal clients and their collective story and experience. 

Who are the people in this community? Who is your ideal client?
What is unique about them? What's unique about your ideal client? What issue is your product or service trying to solve?
What are some of the stories of this ideal client that really illustrate their purpose as a collective?
What are their values?
Why were you called to work with them?
How did you feel the first time working with them? or your ideal client?







3. How you can work together in the future?

This is very similar to your story and the story of your client or the community you are serving but it has a different twist at the end. The focus is on the present on where they are now and how you can create a better future together. What is the problem your product or work is trying to solve for them? It's really about taking action and giving them hope!

What is the goal you would like to see your ideal client achieve?
What is one commitment you can ask from your viewer to take?