Winner from the Nominate a Friend Giveaway: Brendali

I created this giveaway as a way to celebrate my birthday. Paying it forward to someone you love.

The winner was Brendali Espiritu, nominates by her friend Melissa Kid.

When asked why they were nominating you, Melissa answered:

"She is an absolutely incredible minister and coach who has been one of my greatest supports and head cheerleaders for over 10 years. An incredibly gifted dancer (ballerina)/teacher of dance, Pilates instructor, breath work teacher, and now golf swing coach, assisting women in being their true, confident selves through self-love, balance, and alignment. She believes in play and laughter. She is stunning inside and out and deserves to be pampered, as she steps into the light of sharing her own journey and purpose with the world."

We met a few weeks later for our shoot. These are the photos and this is what Brendali had to say about her experience.

“I’m beyond grateful for the gift of shooting with you. From the time my dear friend Melissa nominated me, I feel our shoot was orchestrated by Divine inspiration- perhaps even Divine intervention, given the changes (for the better) that I am going through at this time. I appreciate your generosity and graciousness. Your loving presence created a safe and healing space for me to feel comfortable and to be free to explore what moved me in that moment, from inner movement to outer expression.  You made it easy to let go and trust in this creative process. I felt nurtured and taken care of. I appreciate when you gently guided me back to my breath when I’d get too heady. 

There are so many moments you captured that I love-our photoshoot now holds the record for most shots I actually not only like, but I actually love! My intention word of “deLightful” was fulfilled all throughout my shoot with you.

You are a brilliant gem  I feel that you gracefully captured my essence on camera and I am delighted to be seen by you. 

Thank you, Love, Brendali”

Lucia Doynel