I am the photographer and director behind Tinylicious content.

I created Tinylicious to serve brands and influencers that want to share their work in a way that feels good to them. Creating short, impactful videos and photography by helping people show their authentic-self in front of the camera.

I’ve always loved art, creativity and making videos. 

In 2009 I moved to Los Angeles where I studied Fine Arts and received my Masters degree in Spiritual Psychology.


My unique background allows me to help my clients more fully understand WHY they do what they do, so that their message easily and genuinely connects with those looking for their work.

My content is effective, not just because it clearly articulates your authentic brand voice, but because it also genuinely communicates your story, and your heartfelt work.

I believe in a world where people are doing the work their Soul wants to be doing. I am so grateful for the honor to support like minded Souls share their work with the world.